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Gestational Diabetes Symptoms and Treatment

Gestational Diabetes affects to females during the early stage of pregnancy. In this diabetic condition, few women have very high level of glucose in their blood and they are unable to make insulin and the cells do not get insulin. This type of diabetes occurs in about 6 % of pregnant women. As per experts and researcher, cause of gestational diabetes is hormonal changes in pregnant women during pregnancy OR pregnancy-associated insulin deficiency.

Gestational Diabetes should be diagnosed at right time to avoid any type of future problems in baby. If this is not diagnosed and treated properly at right time then it may lead to high birth weight and breathing problems at birth of baby. Generally gestational diabetes disappears after birth of baby. But, women who suffer from gestational diabetes, they are on risk developing type 2 diabetes in later stage of their life.

So, while Gestational Diabetes Symptoms appear then an immediate action should be taken to avoid any further complications. Although modern medicines can not cure this type of diabetes but there is alternative therapy that can Reverse Gestational Diabetes naturally without medication. Also, risk of developing gestational diabetes can be reduce and controlled by exercising, maintaining healthy diet, controlling weight.

In a nutshell, gestational diabetes test should carried out at various stages of pregnancy. If symptoms of  gestational diabetes are found then steps should be taken to control it. If proper  steps are taken to keep diabetes under control, you can increase your chances of living a full and healthy life. Best ways for Treatment of Diabetes is to cure it in natural way.


Best Ways to Fight Diabetes Naturally

fight diabetes naturally and be healthyFind the Best Ways to Fight Diabetes Naturally 

There are many ways to fight diabetes naturally  and we are giving here that are useful :

(1) By Diet – There is not a known remedy that will cure diabetes without a reformation along the lines that caused it. The number one dietary consideration for diabetes must be a strict vegetarian, low calorie, alkaline diet of high quality natural foods. Plenty of whole grains, bran and oatmeal are very beneficial in diabetes, as well as raw vegetables of all kinds – red cabbage, cauliflower, watercress, brussel sprouts, okra, cucumbers, onions, etc. A big emphasis needs to be placed on raw foods as they stimulate the pancreas and increase insulin production. Green beans and cucumber juice contain a hormone needed by the cells of the pancreas in order to produce insulin. No table sugar should be used.

When sugar is eaten and absorbed into the blood stream, it requires insulin and a trace element called chromium to move the sugar from the blood stream into the cells where it can be burned for energy. In the diabetic the insulin is missing. Therefore sugar piles up in the blood stream and cannot move into the cell. When insulin is given, the sugar is able to move into the cell and the sugar level will drop in the blood stream. If chromium is missing, the blood sugar will rise again, for the sugar is still not able to enter the cell. Chromium is available in many natural foods (especially whole grains), but most of it is removed when foods are refined. The average American diet is lacking in chromium. At birth we have a good supply of chromium, but as we get older we gradually lose it if we do not eat properly. Many older individuals are deficient in chromium. Why is this happening? When refined sugar is eaten, it requires chromium to be utilized. If none is taken in with food, chromium from the body stores, if available, has to be used. Thus chromium is gradually depleted and sickness occurs.

What about fresh fruits, as they contain sugar? Fresh fruits of all kinds are excellent for the diabetic.(1) The sugar in fresh fruit is fructose sugar and is very different from the refined table sugar (which is sucrose sugar). When we eat sugar or starch our body breaks it down into simple sugar and the blood then carries it to the cells of the body. For this simple sugar to enter the cells it needs insulin and chromium, but if you have eaten only fructose sugar (the good kind that is found only in fresh fruits), no insulin is needed for the sugar to enter the cells. This is why a diabetic can eat all the fresh fruit desired, but no canned or frozen fruit juices (even if they are supposedly all natural). All of these are refined; they have been heated (even the frozen ones) and are hard for a diabetic to assimilate.

(2) Use no free fats – only natural fats as found in avocados, nuts, etc helps to fight diabetes naturally. Recent studies show excess fat intake can decrease the number of receptors and/or deactivate them. This results in the gradual build up of sugar in the bloodstream. Dr. James Anderson, one of the most respected authorities on diabetes in the world, did a study with Dr. Kiehm. They took thirteen diabetics off the 34 percent fat, 23 percent protein diet prescribed by the American Diabetes Association and fed them a 9 percent fat diet of mostly natural high fiber, starchy foods. Blood sugar levels were significantly lowered in all thirteen. All five patients taking oral drugs and four of the eight patients taking insulin were able to discontinue their medication completely.

Diabetics fight diabetes naturally and should discontinue the use of baking powder or soda, as these decrease the activity of the pancreatic juices, which are used in the body to digest protein, fats and carbohydrates. The pancreas is one of the most important organs of digestion.

Fasting is usually not advisable for diabetics. Avoid all mental nervous stresses and strains. Avoid constipation; the bowels must be kept loose with at least three good eliminations every day. This is imperative to improved health.

(3) Herb Tea – Tea, made from any one of the following herbs is beneficial: raspberry leaves, red root or dandelion root. Mix one tsp. of herb per 8 oz. of distilled water. Let steep for 20 minutes or longer. Drink three cups daily.

(4) Exercise – Exercise will lower the blood sugar and enable the diabetic to require less insulin.(3) Deep breathing and lots of exercise of hard physical labor will help keep the fire of the metabolic processes burning fast, and this will diminish the need for insulin. This helps heavily to fight diabetes naturally.

(5) Sunlight – The effect of direct sunlight on the body’s sugar metabolism parallels that of insulin. Sunlight facilitates the absorption of glucose into the cells of the body and stimulates the body to convert its blood sugar (glucose) into stored sugar (glycogen). This is minimal in a normal individual but dramatic in diabetics. A diabetic must gradually expose his body to the sunlight. Diabetics who choose to sunbathe should always keep in touch with their physician as their insulin dosage will have to be decreased. Sunlight is best free source to fight diabetes naturally.

In conclusion, diabetes is unknown in countries where people can’t afford. Americans may be the richest people in the world, but they are also one of the sickest. In America, a new diabetic is discovered every 50 seconds. I want to encourage all to eat in moderation, only those things that are wholesome and natural. If you follow above then you can fight diabetes naturally and in beat way.