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Gestational Diabetes Symptoms and Cure

Signs And Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

Signs And Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes

The third type of diabetes is Gestational diabetes. It is often diagnosed during the middle or late stage of pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms and CureAs the blood circulates through the placenta of the mother to the baby, important care must be taken to control blood sugar level as high levels may negatively affect the growth and development of the baby.

Gestational diabetes affects both the mother and the baby. A caesarean section may be needed due to an overly large baby. It can also affect the heart, kidney, nerves and eyes of the mother.

Moreover, it puts the mother at a greater risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, anywhere from a few weeks after delivery to months or years later.

Risks to the baby include abnormal weight gain before birth, breathing problems at birth, obesity and diabetes risk later in life.

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms and Treatment

Gestational Diabetes affects to females during the early stage of pregnancy. In this diabetic condition, few women have very high level of glucose in their blood and they are unable to make insulin and the cells do not get insulin. This type of diabetes occurs in about 6 % of pregnant women. As per experts and researcher, cause of gestational diabetes is hormonal changes in pregnant women during pregnancy OR pregnancy-associated insulin deficiency.

Gestational Diabetes should be diagnosed at right time to avoid any type of future problems in baby. If this is not diagnosed and treated properly at right time then it may lead to high birth weight and breathing problems at birth of baby. Generally gestational diabetes disappears after birth of baby. But, women who suffer from gestational diabetes, they are on risk developing type 2 diabetes in later stage of their life.

So, while Gestational Diabetes Symptoms appear then an immediate action should be taken to avoid any further complications. Although modern medicines can not cure this type of diabetes but there is alternative therapy that can Reverse Gestational Diabetes naturally without medication. Also, risk of developing gestational diabetes can be reduce and controlled by exercising, maintaining healthy diet, controlling weight.

In a nutshell, gestational diabetes test should carried out at various stages of pregnancy. If symptoms of  gestational diabetes are found then steps should be taken to control it. If proper  steps are taken to keep diabetes under control, you can increase your chances of living a full and healthy life. Best ways for Treatment of Diabetes is to cure it in natural way.