Is Diabetes Curable Permanently?

Is diabetes curable permanently?

Is diabetes curable permanently? This is question arises into the mind of many people and especially to those who are suffering from diabetes for long time. We have an answer for you here in this article. Read this article carefully, but before you go further you may update your knowledge about diabetes here.

There are mainly 3 types of diabetes that are common and out of all type 2 diabetes is most common type of diabetes that is found in many people of the world. Other types of diabetes are Type 1 and Gestational diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes is found in 90 % of the affected people while 10 % people are affected by Type 1 diabetes. While gestational diabetes is found only in pregnant women.

Now we will have answer to “is diabetes curable permanently?”

Type 2 diabetes is generally caused by lifestyle change in human beings. Today people are living very hectic lifestyle. People are used to with junk food, going bed late night, sleeping till late in the morning, lack of exercise, no physical work, and dependency on machines for all the works. This is endless list that people are living now that is the main reason for the type 2 diabetes.

How to treat diabetes:

There two ways to cure diabetes now. Either you change your lifestyle or take some medication that can change your bodies’ bad effect caused by lifestyle changes.

1. You can opt for change of lifestyle. You should do following to change your lifestyle:

  • You may wake up early in the morning;
  • Start exercising regularly and have daily routine for it;
  • Stop junk food and take fresh cooked food at home;
  • You may leave alcohol;
  • Leave smoking completely.

2. If you cannot change your lifestyle then you have another option for treatment of diabetes permanently. This is possible through proper medication and your patience. This type of treatment takes at least 2 months to show the sign changes in your diabetes symptoms. This treatment is called “Naturopathy”. This is the way of treatment where you need not take any type of medicine but treatment by the method by your food, water, mud, fasting etcetera.

You can cure diabetes by above two methods permanently. So, if some asks “is diabetes curable permanently? You can say “YES”.