What Is Type 1 diabetes – Signs Symptoms and Cure

Type 1 diabetes is also called insulin-dependent diabetes. It is a condition where insulin production is absent because the immune system of the body attacks the beta cells of the pancreas that produce insulin. No one has yet established the reason why this happens. Type 1 diabetes may possibly be triggered by environmental factors and Read More →

type 2 diabetes and its comparison to type 1

Type 2 diabetes is also called non-insulin-dependent diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the pancreas produces insulin; however, the amount is either not sufficient for the needs of the body, or the body’s cells resist it. This is called insulin resistance. It occurs usually in fat, liver and the muscle cells. Insulin resistance causes the Read More →

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms and Cure

Signs And Symptoms of Gestational Diabetes The third type of diabetes is Gestational diabetes. It is often diagnosed during the middle or late stage of pregnancy. As the blood circulates through the placenta of the mother to the baby, important care must be taken to control blood sugar level as high levels may negatively affect Read More →

Diabetes can be cured permanently

Is diabetes curable permanently? Is diabetes curable permanently? This is question arises into the mind of many people and especially to those who are suffering from diabetes for long time. We have an answer for you here in this article. Read this article carefully, but before you go further you may update your knowledge about Read More →

Do you know, what is Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus (NDI) and what is nephrogenic diabetes insipidus treatment with Hydrochlorothiazide? This is the condition of kidney when that is unable to have concentrated urine with the arginine vasopressin. It has severe outcome and it can lead to polyuria and polydipsia, which can quite intense in few cases. Read More →

Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

Gestational Diabetes affects to females during the early stage of pregnancy. In this diabetic condition, few women have very high level of glucose in their blood and they are unable to make insulin and the cells do not get insulin. This type of diabetes occurs in about 6 % of pregnant women. As per experts Read More →

We have brought you one tasty recipe for diabetes sufferers. Mexicans love this recipe because this smoked an they also like barbecued flavour to their most of the food. In this recipe, we grill fresh corn kernels over open flame that gives  us burnt-smoked flavour and make the salad tasty. This salad has low fat Read More →

Reverse Diabetes Recipie Book Free

Healthy Recipes for Diabetes Patients We have listed 4 diabetic recipes that are good for persons those are suffering from diabetes: 1. Diabetic Hot Cocoa  Serve – 10+ persons; Ingredients : 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 cup instant dry non-fat milk, Water, Sweetener to taste; Instructions for Preparations : mix cocoa, and nonfat milk Read More →